Eden Continued…

Hey Y’all! Happy humpday. This is a continuation of my story about Adam & Eve’s expulsion from Eden. I think this format gave me the push needed: I am almost done with the story! Part 1 can be found here. Today I am posting parts 2 and 3. The rest should be out on Friday!  I hope you enjoy.

Warning: this contradicts much of Christian theology around the story of Adam and Eve.  As a Jew, I have always found the Christian idea of “Original Sin” troubling. This is in no way trying to criticize any other school of thought.  But this could be disturbing if you espouse those ideas strongly.

The Unruly Rib (Continued)


I was born both too soon and too late. I became after the cusp of creation. I was the last one made. I ushered in the era of stagnation.

Day in and day out felt the same. The sun would rise and so would we. If hunger clawed at us, we would pick from the trees. The rivers were clean and cool, perfect to quench our thirst. Life was easy and smooth. Still, I felt something itched just under my skin. Enough to make my eyes seek the horizon.

“What is it?” He whispered one night as we lay beneath a blanket of stars.

I turned to him, “Do you ever feel like something is…missing?”

His eyes grew confused, “such as?”

Sighing, “I don’t know.”

He wrapped his arms around me, yawning, “just need sleep”

“Perhaps” I whispered, eyes wide open to the stars.

Dawn broke beautiful and bright as always. Adam woke with a smile. I felt my lips curve, but the smile missed my eyes.


“What ailssss you Eeeve?”

“I… I don’t know.”

“Perhhhapsss a naap will help”

“I have slept enough, thank you serpent”

“You seeeem ssssso upssset, my dear.”

“What a wise observation. Adam just doesn’t understand. He says the same things as you. There’s no point in talking about this”

“Perhapsss wissssdom could help”


“To find the ssssolution you need to underssssstand the problemmm.”

“God doesn’t answer when I call out.”

“You don’t need God to gain thisssss. But it comesss with a prissssse.”

“What is it?”

“Jusssst one bite.”

Thanks for reading! Thoughts, comments and constructive criticism always appreciated 🙂


Many Thanks and Poetry

Hello! Just wanted to thank everyone who has followed my blog. I’m honored you want to keep up with me! My life is a bit crazy now, but I will try and take a look at your blogs soon! I was at an all day music festival on Saturday and it was fantastic. But the real world demands of work and applying for jobs are taking back over again. *Sigh* But without further ado: some more poetry


Anonymous Desire

Forgive me, my

eyes can’t resist                                (Purity and politeness

                                                               always lost to pleasure)

the clean cut of

your jaw                                              (Michelangelo yearned

                                                             to immortalize your bones).

Your skin reminds me

of burned honey                                  (will my hands stick                           

                                                                     to your skin?)

You must be more

than beauty                                             (lust keeps me

                                                                    for just a night)


but you vanished

before I could

ask your name.                                      (Could words

                                                                       tempt me to

                                                                      stay longer?)


So I’ll dream

of your lips                                             (Waking, yearning

                                                                for warmed honey).