Photography Friday

Hey y’all, happy friday! Hope you had a good week. I realized it has been awhile since I posted photos. So here are a few to munch on.

breaking light


Tried to capture the the wiring instead

Cars rushing down Conneticut Avenue on a rainy afternoon



My dog dreaming…whatever dogs dream



If you want any of these you can find them on my society6 page here



Struggles Continue…but I have been taking photos!

Once again…Katie fail. But I’ll get back into shape. I’m gonna come up with a new system to keep up to date on this. For now: pretty pictures. Have a lovely Friday and I’ll be back come Sunday!


My puppy...isn't she cute?

My puppy…isn’t she cute?


Games Discarded

Because my office is a bunch of grownup kids



Apocalyptic Light

Light manipulated…to be the end of the world



Fall into the Dredges

And into another world

I’m Still Alive!

Sorry for the silence folks. I have just started a new job and with everything going on… I have been a bit neglectful.

But, I am still writing (amazingly, somehow I still find time for these things). Today we are back to ze poetry!

The Ringmaster

Rating: G

I watch you, tall
and full of life, the
crowds hypnotized
by your voice. Yet
I yearn to tear down
your gilded mask. How
do you speak in the
dark? Do you walk tall,
lost in a crowd? The
world has your many
acts, but I want you.


If you look can see me

If you look closely…you can see me


Heatwaves and Poetry

Whew it is too hot outside these days. As much as I love nature, I am a wimp when it comes to heat. Then again, I am a ginger…

What have I been up to? Photography and poetry lately. Life’s been crazy and the muse needs time for longer fiction.


so hot… but still great light!

Today’s poem: Grief’s Labyrinth

Somewhere between
your synapses and neurons,
you hide, wrapped in grief,
a blanket so thick I
can’t see you. Perhaps
it’s selfish to feel
affected by your tragedy,
but I missed you even as
I slept next to you. Space
and silence have their
places, but so do the
comforts of words
and simple hands.

Please, come back. I
do not wish to force you
from your grief. I only
want to know where you
hide in the labyrinth of
emotions. I can’t find the
exit to this place, but I can
hold you for a moment,
giving you a part of my
strength, a moment’s rest,
time to find your way again.


I also really enjoy taking photos of strangers on the subway… Hopefully my creeping will improve so I can get face shots!

Happy Thursday y’all. New update of Hagar and Ishmael this Saturday!!

Stuck on a bus

Hello! As I am writing this I am stuck on a bus trying to get into NYC. It’s been an overextended trip due to mechanical issues. *sigh* it’s happened so many times to me now I’m not even annoyed.

So excited to catch up with one of my oldest friends, Melissa, this weekend. I will have more photographs of shenanigans when I get back but I wanted to post some today too.







A Break in Our Usual Programming….

Hello friends, family, countrymen, and other soon to be acquaintances!

First: small update, not as much writing of late because my awesome amigo Lewis was in town staying with me. So we’ve been romping around DC. Today he’s leaving me. And although my wallet is a bit thinner, I will certainly miss him!

Also, as I have been delving into creativity of writing…I have also found I love photography, specifically with the Iphone and then manipulating them with programs (ie snapseed). So, while more fiction IS on the way, here’s some eye candy for now.



Sea Otters at the National Zoo. Can’t you see why I love them?


They may be extinct…but you can still find a dinosaur at the zoo!


The metro stop looks so wild and wonderful like this!


Shadow legs on the beach. I love how they look like Alien legs.


A stranger, waiting for the storm. This is one of my favorites.