Kali’s Song

Happy Tuesday! First day of the week is already done, so pat yoself on the back (I do, it helps me get through)

Here’s a poem I’ve written of late. Called Kali’s Song. It’s based in Hindu Mythology. To get a back story go here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kali

Godess Kali Painting

Godess Kali Painting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


But, onto the poetry!

Kali’s Song

I wasn’t made from velvet
nor silk, nothing to lay beneath your
head. I was born on jagged rocks
and thrust from the riotous sea,
silver swords for a tongue, grinning
skulls wrapped round my neck. I
will never be your doe eyed Lakshmi,
pulled into the world under Kali’s moon.

I am the goddess of destruction,
slayer of a thousand demons. I will
move heaven and earth for you, my
beloved calm in the storm. Demons
sate my tongue, but my heart burns for
your ice, my veins hot with raging wildfire.

I was not made to smile wide,
born with jagged teeth. And if
pretty is what you seek boy,
it’s not me you seek.

Thoughts, feedback, questions etc are welcome.


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