Banishment and WeWriWa

When did fall arrive? Life has been insane with a new job, so this story has been on the backburner.  But here we are at WeWriWa! You must write either 8 sentences for prose or 150 word limit for poetry. Lots of great writers participate. You can check em out via ze button above.

For those who are new, I am continuing my story about Hagar and Ishmael in the Desert. For understanding the backstory, go here. For previous installments: Part onePart two, Part threePart fourPart five, Part six and Part seven.  

In the morning, Abram came to my tent. Though he forbade me to follow the camp, his eyes couldn’t meet mine. I let him go without a word: there was nothing left to say.

That day, I gathered water and food, enough to last a few days. Though shocked, I hoped we could get back to Beersheba.

Days later, here we are, no city or well in sight. All I have to offer my son is freedom and my two hands. So I raise them up and offer him this last gift.


I know, mean author, but more to come soon!  Thoughts, feedback, are always appreciated 🙂


Français : Agar et Ismaël dans le désert (1820...

Français : Agar et Ismaël dans le désert (1820) de François-Joseph Navez (1787-1869). Musées royaux des beaux-Arts de Belgique, Bruxelles (Belgique) Nederlands: Agar en Ismaël in de woestijn (1820) door François-Joseph Navez (1787-1869). Koninklijke Musea voor Schone Kunsten van België, Brussel (België) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


12 thoughts on “Banishment and WeWriWa

    • I certainly didn’t paint him in a great light in this story! I think this tale is complex, but as with any 1st person pov, its going to be very very biased. I think Abram was a flawed human being, but one certainly of his time. This was definitely not his best moment. Its partly why I called him Abram and not Abraham, he hadn’t fully embraced his full potential + closeness to God.

    • Sorry if that was ambiguous. But Hagar believes she’s giving him all she can by making his death quick and painless. Her hands are raised to kill him. I’ll have to go back and edit that part. But I’m glad you enjoyed this scene 🙂

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