The Storm Was Coming…WeWriWa

Happy Labor Day Weekend! I’ve been too silent on this story, but it’s time  another installment of WeWriWa. You must write either 8 sentences or 150 word limit for poetry. Lots of great writers participate. You can check em out via ze button above.

For those who are new, I am continuing my story about Hagar and Ishmael in the Desert. For understanding the backstory, go here. For previous installments: Part onePart two, Part threePart four, Part five, and Part six. The end is coming, I promise!  Where we are now: Hagar is flashing back to life while Sarai is pregnant.

I thought she would sell us off in Beersheba. Though I held my breathe, we passed all seven wells. Hope whispered that we would be okay.  Sarai’s child would come, and the storm would pass. But then the storm came.

Her screams filled the camp, shattering the night’s silence. I quieted Ishmael back to sleep, but my eyes couldn’t close. We were going to be abandoned, worse, in the driest part of the desert.

Comments, feedback, questions as always welcomed. Thanks again for reading and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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