A New Story and New Format…

Hey y’all! Happy Moooondaaaaay. I hope y’all had a good weekend, because I certainly had fun!

As far as writing? I have a story I’m working on…but it’s decided to be slow going. So I am trying out serializing it. Hopefully it will motivate my muse.  How do you find inspiration when stuck? I often go for walks or knit for a bit. But would love to hear what you do when facing the blank page.

Anywho: onto the story!

The Unruly Rib


The day our world changed was the first time I saw rain. Between knowing and expulsion, these perplexing cool drops slid down my skin. Shivering for the first time, I felt the pinprick of cold.

Adam looked up, the rain mixing with the juice running down his chin. “What have we done?” He gasped, his eyes full of horror.

I shivered and tried not to smile. All I saw was beginning.  Uncertainty, I think you call it now. I called it possibility. It was sweet and new on my tongue.

“We made choices” I said, my eyes held firmly. I forced nothing on him. The fruit came from my palm. I was the renegade explorer, but he followed me, willingly. Now his eyes only held sorrow at our actions. Later, he would call it regret. As though rolling it in his mouth could make time move back.

As the rains came for the first time, I felt solid on my own two feet. As though I were made for this moment. That my life had finally begun.

 Thoughts, constructive critique, and fb always appreciated!!


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