Life and its Complications

Hola chicas y chicos. Sorry to have been MIA, but with getting back from NYC, I haven’t had the time to write or devote to this blog as I would have liked. Settling back in, I now should be getting back to a more normal posting schedule.


Announcement: Like my photos? Want a print, poster or unique iphone case??


I just started a society6 profile with (some) photographs. If there’s any you desperately want that aren’t up there, I will see what I can do (some are too small to put up). Check it out at:

*French Accent* Let us get on to ze art! Mesdames et Messieurs I give youuu not onleee a poeeeem but alsooo  photographs!

Physical Revelation

Rating: PG language, but insinuates adult themes? (It’s SFW)

And I bend before you
fully revealed in the light:
every fold and crease,
every hair and freckle
open to your gaze.
Is this what Abraham
felt standing before the
divine, broken open,
seen fully
for the first time?
I don’t know if I am
a million or one in
your silent gaze. 

(Still I keep a part
closed tight, something
hidden for preservation
against fear’s whispered
future. My mind imagines
sharp words, my
heart can’t help but hear.
I am strong, but oh,
it would be so easy
to break under
your sharp tongue)


Bicycles Cuddling in Central Park



Evening on the East Side

Happy Wednesday! 


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