Dali and Dreams

Life and times in Florida. Brief update and then onto Dali and some new poems!

1. Yesterday rain and storms (thank you tropical storm Andrea) First ever time I have been in one down here. Glad it wasn’t a hurricane. It looked something like this:


But then today we went to the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg. And man, I could barely put down my pen! His works if you don’t know them, they look like this:


(Image Source)

The surreal quality of his paintings was such an inspiration. I love art because it speaks to each and every person a bit differenlty. There’s so much you can take away from it because of your own experiences alone. However, knowing Dali’s system of imagery and meanings also gives his pieces fuller understanding and background. Being around art gets my juices flowing so here’s what I wrote today. All SFW and PG-13 or below. Enjoy !

The Reality of Dreaming

No one promised you sane dreams. Though

we say logic is the mind’s process,

dreams laugh at our  hubris.

They reveal our madness:

how we fly without wings

see without sight and

create our best

work beyond

logic’s cold


Desert Nightmare

Sing to the desert

and let the dead rise.

The wind howls,

the sun beams down

everywhere and nowhere.

The crickets jump


screaming, fighting for my

stage, fearful of the

to break throughskeletons beginning

the soft sand. Up and up

they rise on me, through me,

trying to choke my tongue

and let the dead sleep.

But I am immobile

performing for

the desert and

the living ghosts

(are they mine or yours?

or has even the memories of

these souls been lost?)


Naked in the desert

my skin melts into hard


gold, angels, demons, whisper

behind and around me. The sand

ripples. Am I in the ocean? Or the sky?

The earth must be above me, turned blue

by MnM’s and raw diamonds for hardened stars.

In the desert sky, the  holiest profane light blurs my vision

and yet I know you stand at the edge of sight, pretending to

vanish, and return, but I hear your voice low under the howling wind.

Paintings beside poetry are by Dali links are below


Profanation of the Host


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