New Poem + a Contest

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I hope you are all having a lovely long weekend. Any fun trips I should be jealous of? I’m actually in NC this weekend for a family reunion (watch out: I start to drawl and y’alls start falling out of my mouth).  Still, I found myself having to get this poem out (love my muse, but she’s not very patient).  This is a poem about four different warriors. Any guesses on who they are? The first person to guess all four right in the comment section gets to give me a writing challenge for a new piece on this blog. Sorry, there are no cash refunds 😛

As always, I hope you enjoy and feel free to leave feedback!


warning: slight mention of rape (but safe for work).


You gave me your knot

and asked me to unravel

it. So I slashed through it.

As the world crumbled, I

destroyed it and made a new

one. You fear not my power

but my imagination,

ripping apart not your land,

but your mind’s foundations.

Why did I? Because I could.



I heard your call loud with

frustration and sorrow,

begging a warrior to kill

your multiplying demon.

So I came in midnight’s

black storm, mouth

thirsty for every drop

of his violent blood. You

try to call me back,

restrain me with your

arms, but my feet burn

against the floor, only my

lover, skin calm and cold

ice, can cool my raging soul.



We danced under the

moon once, you and I,

and hunted under the

moon.  I couldn’t help

but love your fierce

strength, your open

smile. Yet you forced

yourself onto one of

mine, sealing your death

and my broken heart.



You stack lies high around

my feet, witch, sorcerer,

heretic. Yet I, a mere

woman heard the

whispers of God, felt

the hand of the Lord

of Hosts lift your siege.

Hold me in irons, let

the flames lick my

flesh, I am ready

to face my maker.


Any guesses on who they are? Leave your thoughts below!



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