Aaaaand She’s back!

Once again it seems I fell down the rabbit hole for a week or so (speaking of rabbit holes: if you have netflix I really recommend Alice, it’s a short mini series). Here are a few older pieces. I haven’t had as much time of late to write new things. Haven’t been taking care of my muse very well of late. But, I will have a short prose piece hopefully coming this way by the end of the week *fingers crossed*. So for now: more poetry. I apologize for the formatting. I can’t quite figure it out yet. Any feedback on how to control spacing of my lines would be appreciated!

A Study in Feline Behavior


She growls at strangers,

aware of the noise hovering

outside the front door.

Yet when they finally

enter, she hides.


Twice she escaped the

house, both times

my father found

her crying in the dark,

begging to return home.


In the hierarchy of

our family cats, she

eats first, yet refuses

to eat in front of me. Instead,

she hovers just outside

the  room, as though

I will steal her kibble.


She only cuddles with me

when I have a book

or computer in my lap,

rubbing her black fur

against the hard corners

of book binds or metal,

jealous of sharing me

with inanimate objects.

Warnings: Mentions Murder. Based on Judith and Holofernes


A man of strength

becomes a boy in

sleep. I almost felt

bad taking your head,

but you took my

husband’s. I think

we are even now.


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