Many Thanks and Poetry

Hello! Just wanted to thank everyone who has followed my blog. I’m honored you want to keep up with me! My life is a bit crazy now, but I will try and take a look at your blogs soon! I was at an all day music festival on Saturday and it was fantastic. But the real world demands of work and applying for jobs are taking back over again. *Sigh* But without further ado: some more poetry


Anonymous Desire

Forgive me, my

eyes can’t resist                                (Purity and politeness

                                                               always lost to pleasure)

the clean cut of

your jaw                                              (Michelangelo yearned

                                                             to immortalize your bones).

Your skin reminds me

of burned honey                                  (will my hands stick                           

                                                                     to your skin?)

You must be more

than beauty                                             (lust keeps me

                                                                    for just a night)


but you vanished

before I could

ask your name.                                      (Could words

                                                                       tempt me to

                                                                      stay longer?)


So I’ll dream

of your lips                                             (Waking, yearning

                                                                for warmed honey).


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